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Counselor Meetings

Usually held the second Thursday of each month, these meetings consist of en educational workshop put on by a DCE (Developer of Council Education), a snack, and a business meeting. Typically starting at 7:00 PM, the meetings are hosted by one of the member churches. Because this is considered a council event, cadet shirts are worn for these.


Host churches are responsible for:

  • Opening devotions (Can be a pastor or youth pastor from the host church, but this isn't required. A counselor is very welcome to lead the devotions)

  • Refreshments (Typically enough for 25-30, though more if Cadets are invited)

  • Set up one head table with two chairs (for president and secretary)

  • American and Christian flags to be placed in appropriate place at the head table for counselor meetings

  • Set up chairs (30-40) facing the head table


Sample Meeting Agenda

  • Devotions (host church)

  • Opening prayer (host church or president)

  • Club Roll Call

  • Educational Workshop (DCE)

  • Break Time

  • Business Meeting

    • Board Roll Call​

    • Review previous meeting minutes

    • Treasurer Report

    • Congressman Report

    • Committee Reports (Including reviews of upcoming council events, like the Chuckwagon or a service project)

    • Roundtable


Board Meetings

Usually held the forth Thursday of each month. Meetings start at 7:00 PM. Cadet shirts are not required.

Host churches are responsible for:

  • Opening devotions (Host board member)

  • Refreshments (Enough for 9 board members.)

  • Set up tables in a square or round formation with 9 chairs available

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